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  • The students are of the right age and era to articulate exactly how gun violence has affected them, experts said.

    —kalhan rosenblatt, NBC News, "How the Parkland survivors became advocates for gun reform,"20 Feb. 2018

  • Crebbin, the minister, was surprised to hear that plans to demolish the Stoneman Douglas freshman building where the shooting occurred had already been articulated.

    —michael mayo, Sun-Sentinel.com, "Florida school shooting aftermath: Newtown says long road ahead,"17 Feb. 2018

  • Justice Gorsuch sailed through his hearing, barely having to articulate a principle.

    —kevin baker, New Republic, "There are no good old days to return to in U.S. politics. The truth about a post-Trump era.,"15 Feb. 2018

  • While many teens struggle to articulate their feelings, O’Connor’s lyrics were forthright and unfiltered.

    —elias leight, Billboard, "Meet Rex Orange County, the British Singer and Tyler, The Creator Collaborator Who Is In For A Huge Year,"15 Feb. 2018

  • The 17-ton mirrors in their articulated, temperature-controlled, shock-absorbing cases also need to be shipped from Arizona to Chile—by way of port in either Houston or Los Angeles.

    —jay bennett, Popular Mechanics, "The Deep Space Eye in the Desert,"14 Feb. 2018

  • What will be fascinating is for the city to articulate an effort to bring people home, a kind of reverse ambassador program.

    —tony bizjak and ryan lillis, sacbee, "THE ‘LADY BIRDS’ WHO FLEW HOME,"10 Feb. 2018

  • So many of my friends and acquaintances — lawyers, writers, activists and artists who dared to articulate a different dream for China — have either left the country or are in jail.

    —hannah beech, New York Times, "Eyewitnesses to America’s Greatest International Competitor,"2 Feb. 2018

  • What’s missing from the conversation is defenders of liberal internationalism, of the type that Obama articulated, which would seek security not in nuclear intimidation or nationalism but through international alliances and treaties.

    —jeet heer, New Republic, "The Rising Risk of Nuclear War Under Trump,"6 Feb. 2018

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