Millward Brown Case Study Interview Example

Millward Brown was my first time full job right after the college. My university is one of target recruit for Millward Brown. They posted it in faculty mailing list and then I applied it through email.

The recruiting event happened on campus. Basically the recruitment process as per below:
1. You submitted CV
2. You were being called for on-site test. The test contained data/table reading.
3. If you were passed, you would have on-site interview with HR and user.
4. If you pass the interview, you will be informed to prepare a presentation base on Milward Brown case.
5. You did presentation in their main office in front of multiple users and you would be asked few questions regarding your presentation.
6. Last will be interview with the country manager and then it will be all set. You will be followed up with administration requirement and 2 recommendation letters.

This was in Indonesia and in 2012. It may be different right now or in other country. If you are experience hire, it should be as simple as applying through their HR manager or applying your job online on their website.


I applied online. The process took 5+ months. I interviewed at Millward Brown (Lisle, IL).


Before a phone screen with someone I had to make another cover letter, which specifically compared my skill set to the job, beyond the original cover letter and resume I had sent. The following are directions given to me, "The best way to do the cover letter is to place a two column table from MS Word in a separate document. Place the “what you will do” and the “what you will need” sections from the job description in the left column and compare yourself and your skills in the right column.
  In addition please respond to the following questions regarding your interest in this opportunity in the body of the returned email response.

Why are you interested in this specific job? Why are you well suited to it?

What roles have you held where attention to details is a paramount duty? Please elaborate

Please discuss your current situation? Are you working? If not please indicate what you are doing currently.

Please indicate your current compensation.

Are you able to work overtime as needed?"

After I completed all of this in depth work, I then achieved a phone screen. After I passed that my information was forwarded to the person who would decide about hiring. After being asked for an interview, I didnt hear back for a week. After checking in again I was told I would have two 30 minute interviews followed by a 30 minute skills assessment.
The 30 minute interviews were each with two people, one on the phone and someone in person.

They went well. They told me they wanted to extend an offer, but internal delays were causing complications. They said that was the problem for 4 months. Never heard from them again one day after that.

Interview Questions

  • Having to compare myself with every bullet point on the job description before the phone screen.   Answer Question
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