Essay On Beggars Cant Be Choosers

TOPIC: Beggars are not the choosers.

The maxim under reference brings home to reader a vital philosophy of life. Those who beg have no choice. They actually compromise their self-esteem while extending their bowl to alms giver. Beggars are at the mercy of alms giver. They cannot force any donor to raise the amount of alms. Thus they accept what they are given in the form of alms.

Beggars are greatly subjected to humiliation. They have to bear the taunts of people. People call them names. They do not feel small in extending their bowl. Once the habit of begging is formed, it becomes their psyche. Some beggars, even sustaining their economic condition, do not give up their habit of begging. Thus begging becomes their second nature.

Nations that develop the habit of begging in the form of foreign aid to raise developmental level are always at the mercy of their donor. Such nations do not achieve glory. They, however, have pledged their self-esteem for availing the foreign aid. The donor starts taking hold of his affairs. The donor eventually becomes a self appointed adviser for that nation. The intrusions and interferences of the donor in his personal matters irk the recipient at many times. Thus this process procreates new master-slave relationship in which there is no dignity for the slave. It evinces that no nation can climb up the stairs of progress and prosperity unless it undergoes the phenomenal uplift of self esteem and self reliance.

Beggary is an evil which robs the self-esteem of an individual/ a nation. Thus any beggar, who wishes to raise his self-esteem, should stop relying upon aids. Begging is another form of slavery. An individual/ nation should raise their hands to get the help from the Creator, not from people.

The first paragraph is a bit redundant with the use of the word alms over and over. Is there way to incorporate a synonym that will get your point across without the redundancy? It is hard for me to rate the paper, but overall it is probably a 7 or 8 with the logic. Kind of wraps around in confusing circles, but since I don't know who the audience is, maybe I'm just not sharp enough to understand the circles and your audience will get it better.

I really like your ideas about the differences of a begger and donor but I am also confused about the audience. The essay seems to jump around a lot. You already have the main ideas down but it would better if you make the essay more comprehensible using better transitions.

Beggary is an evil which robs the self-esteem of an individual/ a nation. Thus any beggar, who wishes to raise his self-esteem, should stop relying upon aids . Begging is another form of slavery. An individual/ nation should raise their hands to get the help from the Creator, not from people.

I think this statement is a bit harsh on the donor because people do appreciate them. I'm not sure if this is a college essay or some other type but some benefactors might consider this harsh. I think you also acknowledge that not all benefactors are bad. For example, organ donors don't have to but they do because they want to save lives. (they have to sign at the back of their licenses - completely optional) Your essay too one-sided. Depending on where this essay is submitted to, it shouldn't be too critical of one or the other.

I also think that the essay should be more decisive on your views. Establish both points but make it clear what you support without stating outwardly

respectable seniors and juniors kindly chack my essay... your comments and marking shall highly be regared...


The axiom beggars are not choosers, presents stark reality of life.
It brings to the reader that a beggar has no choice owing to his descriptive condition. He lives on the alms of others. The dole may be in the form of a coin. A beggar can not force an alms giver to pay him a dollar instead of a penny. Although a beggar is subjected to great humiliation yet, he never gives up beggary. Thus it is rightly said that beggars are not choosers.

Similarly, a beggar is devoid of self-respect. He does not have sense of self-respect. He never feels small and thus is shorn of
Self esteem. This epitomizes that money makes man’s morale to an extent.

Truly, self-reliance is a key to success. He, who depends on others, deprives from dignity. It is crystal clear that people who possess self-respect would never drag their hands to anyone.

Moreover, man wishes for the gratification of all his desires.
But simply he can not, owing to the scarcity of money resources.
In order to satiate his ballooning desires he must attain the status
Of deity . No doubt, it is essential to develop oneself financially strong enough so that wishes may be directed to realities. Otherwise, wishes without wealth welcomed by worries. In this regard someone has adroitly said,
If wants were horses, even beggars would ride on them.

It is true of modern man who wishes to possess 3Bs, namely a Buick a bungalow and a bank balance in order to have a free access to all modern convinces of life. But scarcity of resources confines him to abide by crawling desires.

Besides, the proverb beggars are not chooser demonstrates the doldrums conditions. For example a person drown in complications and conundrums tries his last ditch to dispense with somber problems. Thus, he values even worthless and trivial solutions finding himself in closed street. Hence it goes without saying that

Wants are good slaves but are bad masters

Further, the philosophy of phrase elaborates various other aspects where man is compelled and compromise on various things willy -nilly. One of them is rapid invasion of culture. Acculturation mostly in third world countries is on its full swing. The invasion of western culture has moved far ahead. We find its shadow on half of our life style. For example change in dress code, diluting parental power and strengthening children’s freedom, exorbitant use of technology and changing ideology of life all are the ingredients of western recopies’.

Moreover, it is crystal clear that developing nations follow developed one. For instance, between those two students, one who
Successfully passed exams and another trying hard to turn the corner .An aspirant one would cordially follow all those techniques which made to sparkle the stars of fortune on the former one. Likewise, poor or developing nations follow the trends and culture of developed nations. Once the trend sets up everyone starts following it and hence, it become inevitable to accept change for those who regrets alien culture. In this regard only beggars are not debarred from choice but all those people behave alike who calmly accept the stipulations of necessities.

Similarly, more often in third world countries child labour is practiced at large extent. Poor parents maimed by poverty throw their children into markets. Unaware of wan realities when a child steps ahead in outer world he never imagines that soon he would sink into the marsh of offence. Consequently another name is reckons into the massive list of crooks.
Unfortunately, Pakistan is counted among top ten child labour countries. About more than fifteen lace children are devoid of education. Poverty and haplessness confines poor parents to enjoin childlabour . Hence it goes alike that beggars are not choosers.

In addition to this illiteracy has also brought about appalling ignorance women and child abuse, drugs addiction and various other crimes are the outcome of illiteracy at certain extent. Thus society is constraint to bear the burnt of above crimes as beggar bears disgust and taunts.

A part from it, the saying suits the political conditions of those nations who seek foreign aid. Unfortunately our beloved country Pakistan is one of them. Most prominent aid donor country to Pakistan is America. U.S has made our political leadership to dictate foreign commands. Besides, we live like strangers in our own country. Where a foreigner may have access to justice but our ordinary man is far behind from the path of justice. Take the example of Ryman Deves CIA’s secret agent who gun downed
Three Pakistani in lahor yet he was vindicated through political hatch.

Another incident which annihilated not only the rules of international law but also violated the sovereignty of Pakistan.
It was U.S unilateral action in the form of mission germino
In which notorious terrorist usma bin ladin was encountered in Abotabad. According to reliable media;

U.S coups entered Pakistan without the permission of higher authorities.

Besides, attacks on salala check post and drones are some more episodes of same drama. Thus, Pakistan in that case replaces the position of beggar who can not choose between alms and dignity.
Amarica as donor country exploits the sovereignty as much as it can and Pakistani politicians shamelessly can not defy the wishes of their foreign lords. Therefore, it is obligatory for Pakistan to break the begging bowl and make its slogan;
Trade not aid!
Since it has proven the dependence detracts dignity. One who lives of the behalf of others like beggars, certainly he is exploited and embarrassed. In this refrence it is well said in urdu….

Chirdyon ki terha dany pay girta hy kyon,
Perwaz rakh buland k banjae tou uqab.

Above of all self respect and self reliance are key to success. Otherwise it would not be wrong to say;
Bggers are not choosers.
it should be noticed that i hve just gernalized the topic..

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