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such as Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Edward Said, whose post-structuralism and post-colonial ideas are represented in my essays in both the citations and methodology. While myunderstanding of such dense theoretical positions is still in its infancy, I have always made theattempt to wrestle with these ideas in my work.The first essay in this collection is a final essay written for Dr. Jane Creighton’s ENG3322 Mexican American Literature class. Titled, “Caught Between Two Worlds: thePredicament of Antonio Cuitla in Américo Paredes’s

The Shadow

,” this essay discusses theeffect of the so-called American Dream on Antonio Cuitla, the protagonist of the novel


. Paredes creates a hybrid character in Cuitla that is at once Mexican and American, butthe latter only in spirit. I argue that the story’s protagonist is haunted, not by the ghost of hisdead


, but the ghost of his identity as a Mexican person. This essay is a goodrepresentation of my ability to discuss a work of fiction and elaborate on its meaning through theuse of critical and historical texts. The study of identity and Cuitla’s duality drove my essay, andit marks a beginning of a chain of thought that spans the course of my upper level course work.The next essay is also a critical examination of a novel, and again, it was written for a classtaught by Dr. Creighton.In the spring of 2009, I registered for ENG 4311, Contemporary Literature being taught by the cooky yet brilliant Jane Creighton. My essay that semester discussed a novel by J.M.Coetzee, titled

Waiting for the Barbarians

(1980). In “The Double Face of Empire” I useCoetzee’s novel and the deconstructive theory of literary scholar Susan Van Zanten Gallager toargue that in the empire-colony dichotomy even the most innocent colonizers are culpable in theactions of the state. I discuss the use of torture in the novel as a way to describe the transfer of information between colonizers and colonized through pain inflicted upon the body. In this essay2

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