J&J Electrical Contractors Case Study


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 ormall", the com)an" co!l' i' in t*o t")es of *ork regar'ing the )ro8ect *hich *ere  )ri+ate as *ell as )!lic )ro8ect% All the com)an" foc!se' more to satisf" the c!stomer satisfaction *hich is consi'ere' as the )!lic )ro8ect% ormall", !n'er the )!lic )ro8ect, the relationshi) *ith the stakehol'er 'i'n/t consi'er *hereas in the )ri+ate )ro8ect, there is high le+el of em)hasis is gi+en to the stakehol'er as *ell as )a"ment *as 'one% In the reg!lations in the )ri+ate )ro8ect, there *as not an" t")e of com)!lsor" for the contracting organi-ation  eca!se s!ch t")e of the )ro8ect attracti+e in terms of the )rofit%

Core issues

3rom the case, the com)an" name' J&J Contractors, Inc *as o*ne' as *ell as o)erate'  " the team of h!san' an' *ife, name' John & Jean Aernath"% ormall" the com)an" *o!l' like to )erform the resi'ential, in'!strial as *ell as )!lic electrical contracting *ork% With the three electricians it *as ale to gro*n s!ccessf!ll" almost into em)lo"ees of 5 " the month of 6a" $:, from that time; it *as ale to increase its market share 'a" " the 'a"% Whene+er looking ao!t the financial transaction, it *as ale to get re+en!e *ith 75 )ercent of gro*th in the "ear of $1, increase' from < $%9= million to < 5%$$ million% .ho!gh ha+ing s!ch t")e of gro*th, from last  "ears, the income ha' 'ecline' 'ramaticall"% .he 'ecision relate' regar'ing the f!t!re 'irection an' short term 'ecision regar'ing the increase in the efficienc" of firm *ere to make " the h!san' an' *ife, John & Jean% As e+er" )eo)le ha+e o*n +ision an' mission, like*ise that, the" oth h!san' an' *ife ha' 'ifferent t")es of +ision that J&J *o!l' )!rs!e as *ell as fa+ore' greater economic gro*th, *hereas Jean fa+ore' controlle' gro*th *ith an em)hasis on increase the market share an' increase the gro*th thro!gh im)ro+ing the sales an' margins%

J&J Electrical Solutions

There are many aspects you need to consider when you hire Commercial Electrician in Houston. You want fully licensed electricians who will do the job right the first time! You want to make sure you choose a professional experienced electrical team that will product exceptional work and on time.

J&J Electrical Solutions worked and studied for over 13 years to develop skill and traits that you want in your next Commercial electrical contractors. We are now helping businesses all around Houston get fast, efficient, effective, and affordable electric service to keep their commercial buildings safe and fully powered. We are clean cut, prompt, and we always complete our jobs in record time while respecting your commercial property, and we always leave our job sites cleaner than when we arrived. Our professional approach to providing commercial electrical service in Houston has gained us strong repeat and referral business.

We do this full-time employees. We do not employ roving contractors who come and go and have no stability. You will get us. We will bid the jobs and do the work. The buck stops here, no more pointing fingers to someone else to shift the blame. We undergo constant and continuous training to learn the latest electrical code and work efficiencies. We also abide to current safety standards to ensure you get safe, reliable service, you can count on.

J&J Electrical Solutions is Justin Reno & Justin Merkey. We know each other and how each other thinks and always have each others back, and yours. We get jobs done faster and better than any other commercial contractor in Houston. 2 heads are better than one and that is why we teamed up, to provide a more streamlined, efficient and accurate service every time. We plan for the time and work efficiently to make deadlines. We do not hurry, we work steady and smart.

We’re not satisfied with our work until you are! Our work is 100% guaranteed with a 1 year guarantee on all labor and materials.

As emergencies happen at any hour, we are ready to accept your calls day or night, 24X7. We are ready and able to expertly handle any commercial or residential electrical situation that comes up. J&J Electrical Solutions provides immediate response to any emergency electrical problem you may have.

A Wide Range of Electrical Services to Meet Your Every Need

At Trim Electric, we offer a variety of Houston electrical services to commercial clients. Here are just some of the services we offer:

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