Fordham University Application Essay

Before you start the application process, you might find the following advice helpful.

Be Prepared

  • When requesting transcripts, request an extra one for yourself.
  • Line up your references early and follow up with them. Be sure that they submit their recommendations in time to meet the deadlines.
  • Make the choice about GMAT preparation that is right for you, weighing considerations such as your needs, cost, and time. In addition to in-person GMAT prep courses, there are online courses, web-based tools, and books.
  • Application essay requirements vary from university to university, and program to program. Don’t write one essay and expect it to meet the needs of all applications. Tailor your essay(s) for your chosen Fordham program, ensuring to answer the specific question(s) asked.

Be Positive

  • Application essays are a wonderful opportunity to explain to an admissions committee why you are the perfect candidate for a program. Use the essays to highlight academic and career accomplishments, personal achievements, and other unique qualities.
  • If there is an issue that you feel must be addressed in the application, explain the issue and how you grew personally as a result of the issue. If you did not perform to your ability in undergraduate studies, for example, be sure to indicate how you have compensated for a poor performance and what sort of maturation process you have experienced since then.

Be Honest

  • While it is important to be positive, embellishment of academic, career, or personal achievements is not tolerated and is grounds for denial. 

We see the essay as the most personal component in each of the nearly 41,000 applications we read.

As a writing sample it tells us several important things about you.

Who You Are?

The essay gives us insight into who you are as a person. Be self-reflective and let your own voice speak clearly through it. We want to get to know you better and determine if you are a good match for our community. 

How Well Do You Write?

Make sure your essay is well written and free of grammatical errors, typos and other mistakes. It should demonstrate that you are ready to produce college level compositions. At Fordham, writing and communication skills are essential, and our cornerstone Eloquentia Perfecta courses help you develop these skills.

Are You a Critical Thinker?

You will choose from a series of essay prompts in the application. How thoughtfully and logically you answer the questions in your essay tells us how ready you are for complex analysis and argument at the college level. 

Note: Fordham does not require a Writing Supplement. Only the primary application essay is required. 

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