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Since the beginning of the human race, hospitality was existed, as it carried the key human principles and values. Hospitality is a significant feature of our everyday life; it pays an essential role in our lives. Nowadays, this quite common phenomenon keeps its original values thus not allowing getting some particular definition. Surely, it is not something physical or concrete. In every sense, it is more spiritual phenomenon. Hospitality consists in treating other people in the most appropriate for the particular situation ways. Hospitality has its main characteristics, like respect, understanding and ability to help other people, which work as its foundation. What does hospitality mean to be is treating people the way you want them to treat you. In addition, hospitality often depends on the situation, which depends on ethical, cultural and religious believes and type of living offering numerous approaches.

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People from different continents and countries express their hospitality in different ways. It all depends on the manners they were taught. Shaking hands is a common demonstration of hospitality in numerous countries. In the same time, in other countries hugs may be even more common thing, or even kissing on the cheek. While working in hospitality business, the person must have a sense of respect and understanding, as well as ability to become accustomed to different cultures. Hospitality is very important, as it leads to better consolidation between people. Communication between people must be held in a respectful way, if you want them to understand each other. Hospitality mostly results in positive changes. Still, there are cases when it brought unexpected results. For example, as it was in the case with Mc Donalds chain of restaurants that became a reason of many small restaurants’ bankrupt. In this situation, the small businesses had no chances to support the concurrence.

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There are many very constructive topics that can be addressed in an effective research paper or dissertation in the field of hospitality. Most compositions in this field focus either on the field of management or on the field of tourism. Papers in this particular field can take several approaches. The writer can focus on the financial management of enterprises, human resource management, international management, visitor management, and overall philosophies of management that can tend to bring in repeat customers. Papers that address the field of tourism may also have an economic focus, addressing issues of microeconomics and macroeconomics that are affecting tourism in a particular area. Another area of interest is the field of sustainable tourism, and the topics of "eco-tourism" and "green tourism" are increasingly popular topics as well.

Whether your essay is going to focus on the field of management or the field of tourism in the context of your program in hospitality, your paper will probably include six primary elements: an introduction, a literature review, a methodology section, a results section, an overall discussion of what the results section implies for the future of tourism or management in a given area, and the conclusion. The most important sections of your essay are the introduction and the conclusion, and the more concise you can make your primary assertions in your introduction and in your conclusion, the better.

Another area of increasing interest in the field of tourism in general is the increasing role of social media in both promoting and changing the field of hospitality as it is currently understood. Social media outlets are changing so fast that it is difficult if not impossible to gauge their overall effects on tourism and tourism management, making research papers in this particular area especially challenging but often worth the challenge – since if you are addressing questions raised by the role of social media in tourism, you are very likely raising questions that have not been raised in the papers that have been read in the past by your reader, and there's nothing like originality and new content to win over a reader. Social media outlets themselves are often the best resources for additional information about how the outlets are affecting the tourism industry. There are many ongoing discussions on social media outlets concerning the nature of visitor monitoring, how the emotional management of tourists can bring repeat customers, and even how giving "lip service" to eco-tourism or to green tourism can have a "backlash effect" for some tour providers.

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